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Summer Saturday Focus Classes

Our Saturday classes this summer have a variety of themes to choose from, and will be taught by the different Harmony Yoga Iyengar teachers.  You may sign up for individual classes, or register for the full six-week Saturday series.


All these Saturday classes meet  9:30 – 11:00 a.m

YES you can also attend these particular classes as make-ups, or with your class cards, or on your automatic monthly payment plan.

Each class is $20 or full 6-week session is $90
(See bottom of page for how to register for the 6-week series, and other ways to take these classes.)

June 30  –  From the Ground Up: Standing Poses
Teacher: Susan Bellinson

Standing poses are elemental to the Iyengar system of practice. This class will explore correct alignment within standing poses, and how these poses help us build strength, endurance, and balance, while infusing the body with energy.

July 7 – Fundamentals of Backbends
Teacher: Susan Bellinson

This class will explore the correct principles of alignment for basic backbending postures. These postures help us develop willpower and courage while cultivating a feeling of exhilaration.

July 14 – Pranayama: Yogic Breathing Techniques
Teacher: Pam Lindberg

Yoga breathing techniques are used to clear your mind, steady your nervous system, and develop respiratory and cardiovascular health. We will do a few yoga asanas (poses) to prepare the body and mind for learning different breathing patterns.

July 21 – Cooling Poses for Hot Summer Days
Teacher: Pam Lindberg

As an asana (yoga pose) category, forward bends are inherently calming to the nervous system and cooling to the body’s core temperature.  Twisting poses also help cool the body, especially seated and supine twists. This class will incorporate both categories to help keep us cool during these hot summer days.

July 28 – Yoga for Low Back Pain
Teacher: Karen Coupland

This class will take you through a series of poses that can help low back pain.  Most of these poses will be done with some support from the wall or a chair, and can easily be incorporated into your own home practice.

August 4 – Yoga and Movement
Teacher: Karen Coupland

Much of our Iyengar Yoga practice consists of doing static poses and holding them.  But there are also fun ways to practice our yoga poses with movement and fluidity. We’ll explore some of these ideas in this class.


Register for all six Saturdays
(savings of $30)
This 6-week series cannot be pro-rated.


Other ways to take these classes:

  • You may use your class card
  • You may attend on your monthly automatic payment plan
  • You may use a class as a make-up class

HOWEVER, these classes aren’t meant to take the place of your regular weekly classes.  They are meant to be enrichment classes that supplement (not replace) your regular weekly classes.