Overview of Class Registration Options and Policies

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At Harmony Yoga of Ann Arbor we offer a variety of options for people to take classes:

  1. Registering and paying for a multiple-week session
  2. Purchasing a class card
  3. Paying per class each time you attend
  4. Automatic monthly payment plan

Sometimes these  choices can be confusing, so I will go over the policies and the reasoning behind each option.

1.Registering and paying for a multiple-week session

This is our basic model.  You register for a specific class (or two) that meets at the same time each week for a certain number of weeks.  It is expected that you have chosen classes that fit your schedule, and that you will attend regularly.  If you can’t attend all the classes, there is sometimes the opportunity to make-up in other classes within that same time period.  Or maybe your schedule doesn’t allow you to make-up missed classes, but that is okay.

This is how many of us started taking Iyengar Yoga classes locally, either at the Ann Arbor YMCA or through Ann Arbor Rec & Ed. In my opinion this is still the best model for learning yoga, because it encourages you to be consistent in attendance.

Regular, consistent attendance is the key factor for getting the most out of your yoga classes.


  • Encourages students to come regularly to a particular weekly class
  • Regular attendance promotes better learning and understanding
  • Regular attendance promotes a feeling of community with your fellow students
  • The teacher can plan better when s/he knows who to expect in each class
  • Per class fees are less than for drop-in fees and class card fees


  • If you have an erratic schedule, this option may not work for you
  • Some people feel cheated if they can’t get all their make-ups completed within the session (if this applies to you, please choose another option)

2. Class Cards

Purchasing a class card is a good option if you can’t regularly attend a weekly class.


  • Gives you more flexibility for attending classes and is not limited to a specific multi-week session
  • Less expensive and less of a hassle than paying the per class drop-in fee


  • Doesn’t promote the learning and discipline that comes with more regular attendance
  • For some people, it’s too easy to make excuses for not attending, even if you have the time to come
  • Costs more per class than regular session fees
  • If a class fills, preference goes to students who register for a full session or are enrolled in the monthly payment option.
  • Sometimes you may not be able to finish your classes before the card’s expiration date

3. Paying per class each time you attend

Simple, and a good option if you only occasionally attend class, such as if you usually take classes somewhere else but would like to visit us from time to time.


  • You chose when to come, and you pay only for the classes you attend


  • Doesn’t promote the learning that comes with regular attendance
  • Costs more than the other options
  • Can be a hassle to pay each time
  • If a class is full, preference goes to others who typically attend that class more regularly

4. Automatic Monthly Payment Plan

This is an excellent option if you are in this for the long term and have some flexibility in your schedule for the occasional times your class is cancelled.   There is a three-month minimum commitment, so I don’t recommend this right away for new students (see if you like the classes first before committing to three months of payments!).


  • Cheapest per class option, especially if you choose the “unlimited classes/month” plan
  • Easy for you, easy for me
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Generous make-up options extend beyond session dates (make-ups are possible at any time in classes that have space, while you are still on the monthly automated payment plan)


  • Because there is so much flexibility in this plan, occasionally people stop being as regular in attendance, because they figure they can make-up at any time.  But then the make-ups don’t happen.

So what option should you choose?  

If you are new to Harmony Yoga, my recommendation is to register for one class for a full session and see how that goes.  Commit to attending that class, and don’t schedule other appointments during that time.  Learning comes better when you can attend regularly over a long period of time.

But if you really don’t like the idea of paying for classes you may not be able to attend (due to possible sickness and last-minute emergencies), look at our class card options or the drop-in per class fees.  But realize that the class card or drop-in options often don’t promote regular attendance in the same way that committing to a full session would.  Regular attendance promotes better learning.

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