Big News for the Future of Harmony Yoga

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Big News for the Future of Harmony Yoga

This is a bittersweet announcement for me.

My husband is retiring at the end of this school year, and we have decided to move to Colorado, possibly as early as mid-July, and probably no later than the end of August.

What does this mean for the studio? “Harmony Yoga” will not continue, but there is the possibility that someone will be able to take over the lease.  If this happens, a new business will be created, and the other teachers you are familiar with (Iyengar Yoga teachers Pam, Susan, Marly, and the Feldenkrais teacher, Dale Jensen), will hopefully continue to offer classes.  That is my hopes!   Whether or not this works out, I will also give you the names of other Iyengar Yoga teachers and studios in this area.

What does this mean for your class cards?  If I move in mid-July, I would stop teaching at the end of June.  This is less than four months from now.  All of our new class cards have a 2 month or 4 month expiration date, so please plan accordingly. Please take into account that there’ll be at least 2 weeks during the next four months that classes are not in session. Maybe I’ll teach a little longer, but that’s unknown.

  • 15-class cards will work best if you plan to take more than one class/week.
  • 10-class cards will work well as long as you are relatively regular in attendance.
  • 5-class cards are best if you can’t attend regularly.

When we’re closer to our end date I’ll make adjustments in payment options, to make it easier for you to attend at a reasonable fee without worrying about regular class cards.

While my husband, David, and I are excited about this new chapter in our lives, I am also very sad to be leaving Harmony Yoga and all of you who I’ve come to know and enjoy.  This has been a wonderful, fulfilling 12 years for me.  I feel that we have a strong and friendly community at Harmony Yoga, and I will miss all of you.

I will keep you updated!