Class Descriptions

Yoga Class Descriptions

Please review our Yoga Class Guidelines and Registration Policies.

All classes are done with bare feet.  Must be able to get up and down from the floor.  These descriptions are general guidelines to help you choose which class will be best for your experience level.  Students work to their own ability in whichever class they attend.

Simple twist

• Gentle Yoga •

Stretch and strengthen the body with this slower-paced, more supported approach to learning yoga. This is an ideal class for seniors and for anyone with mobility or balance issues.  Requirement: Must be able to get up and down from the floor.  75 minutes

• Level 1 •

Learn and practice the basic concepts of yoga as taught in the Iyengar method. Geared toward beginners and those who wish to review the fundamental principles of yoga in a safe and systematic way. 75 minutes.

• Mixed Levels 1 & 2 •

Continue to learn and practice the basic concepts of Iyengar Yoga.  May be okay for beginners who are active, in good health, with few physical restrictions.  Intermediate poses will be introduced depending on readiness of the class.  90 minutes.

• Level 2 •

Active class for intermediate and continuing yoga students.   Continue to refine the basic poses and learn intermediate poses.  Some advanced poses may be introduced.  90 minutes.

• Mixed Levels 2 & 3 •

For continuing students with at least two years recent Iyengar Yoga experience.  Continue to refine beginning and intermediate poses, explore certain advanced poses.  Permission required for this class.  90 minutes.