Why I No Longer Offer First Class Free

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Why I No Longer Offer First Class Free

Some studios have the policy of offering the first class for free.   That hasn’t worked out well for me for various reasons, although I do offer discounted classes to new students (see our New Student Specials for more information.)

Why don’t I offer the first class for free anymore?

Partly it’s because I have found that people who expect the first class for free don’t value what they are getting.  Why would they?  A free class has no value or importance to most people beyond the one-time “work-out” or “stretching session”.     But people who are willing to pay, even if it’s for one class, are more likely to learn something of use for themselves, even if it’s that they prefer a different style or method of yoga.

But mostly it’s because I want prospective new students to have the opportunity to experience a few classes before deciding whether or not our program at Harmony Yoga suits them.

I teach Iyengar Yoga, which may be very different from other yoga classes you have tried.  Our classes can vary greatly from week to week.   Some weeks will include more active and energizing sequences while other weeks will be quieter and more restful.  Sometimes we’ll focus mostly on a particular group of poses, such as standing poses, backbends, or twists.  Other weeks may include a variety of different types of poses.  In some classes we’ll use a large assortment of yoga props to help us learn more about the poses we’re working on, while other times fewer props will be used.

We build upon what we have learned in previous classes in a safe and systematic way.

I’m sure you can understand why trying just one random class isn’t going to give you a very good representation of the scope that we cover over a few weeks, or a few months or years.

Classes during the first week of a session usually consist of a good basic sequence of poses that are fundamental to Iyengar Yoga.   But even if you can’t attend the first week of a session, you will pick up what you have missed over a few weeks’ time.

I invite you to take advantage of our  New Student Specials which offer a significant discount for your first session of classes, or a 3-class drop-in pass that is less expensive per class than our other drop-in options.    You can start at any time during a session in classes that have space.

Come explore this amazing practice of yoga with us!